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5 Most Important Tools of the Trade

Learning the plumbing ropes is not easy task as this lengthy document can attest. That’s why we’re devoted this spot to help all you budding tradesmen out there.

For any work to succeed, the use of the appropriate tools is inevitable. The same thing applies to the plumbing sector. However, it is not necessary to buy all the available tools in order to get some job done. As we show in the infographic there are a few tools a respectable plumber should not be without:

Tongue-and-Groove Pliers

When you want to pull, grab, twist, hold, loosen or tighten parts, these tools, known as Channellocks, come in handy. You will find them in two main sizes, 10 and 12-in. These sizes go at $10-$15 and $20-$25 respectively.

Basin Wrench

With about $10-$20 you can buy this tool. You’ll find it easy to tighten and loosen nuts holding sink faucets since it has a long shaft and a swiveling jaw and works perfect in narrow-spaced sinks.


It is very helpful when dislodging clogs from toilets, sinks, floor drains, tubs and showers. It works by pressing it hard on a particular area and creating a vacuum and pulling to remove the dirt. It goes for around $5-$10.

Adjustable wrench

When dealing with compression fittings and other parts that have hex-shaped nuts, this is the tool of choice. Just ensure you buy one that has a firm jaw that will not slip under the tongue. The 6-inches one goes at $10-$12 and the 10-inch at $15-$20.

Pipe wrench

They are used to loosen or tighten threaded pipes, nuts and fittings. One is for holding while the other for turning. A tight grip is ensured by the serrated teeth of this tool. With $10-$15 you will get the 10-inch while the 14-inch model sells at $20-$25.

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