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Geyser Repairs and Installations Cape Town

Geysers are complex and require the expertise of trained and experienced installers to do the job safely. We consider ourselves to be the first choice for repairs, fitting and maintenance of Gas and Solar Geysers in Cape Town.

ctpgey1We advise you to hire a professional rather than attempt to do it yourself or rely on the services of an inexperienced geyster installation service. An incorrectly installed geyser is a potential liability and can also have the unwanted effect of driving up your energy bills.

Geysers are heavy and burdensome and it is no easy feat getting them correctly connected to your plumbing as well as safely connecting them to a power supply. Our team is comprised of fully qualified and experienced technicians who have been carrying out geyser installations and repair in Cape Town for years. We’re fully versed all types of machines, regardless of the age or make. We service all of Cape Town and suburbs and we can also advise on quality models of geysers for your home or office. We are also available for advice on geyser upgrades to make your property more energy efficient.

Before hiring a company to install, replace or fix your geyser it is important to ascertain their credentials in carrying out the service. We would like to confirm we are fully qualified and experienced. Whether your property is a home or business or whether you require an industrial geyser quote we are always available. Our affordable and reliable service covers the following:

–       Geyser Installations

–       Geyser Repair

–       Geysers fittings

–       Hot Water Heating Systems

–       Solar Water Heating Cape Town

–       Heating Systems for Home


cptgey2Other Geyser Services:

We not only install regular water heating tanks, we are also available for solar geysers Cape Town services. Increasingly people are turning to gas geysers in Cape Town to reduce their energy bill. We have experience in installing both, without error and at an affordable price. To reduce unnecessary worry and ensure your bills (and safety) are all in check, we offer geyser maintenance contracts that will reduce the chance of later refurbishment costs. Our low cost checks keep your water system operating smoothly.

Our Cape Town plumbing service is affordable and reliable and is available 24 hours a day. Put your trust in the hands of real professionals and call us today for all your geyser maintenance and installations Cape Town needs:

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