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Clearing Clogged Drains in Cape Town

Clogged drains are a common problem both for domestic and commercial properties. Due to a build up of waste material such as hair and grease, pipes will occasionally become blocked. When the drain is blocked water cannot flow through the system and fills the pipe instead, which can result in flooding. Whether your sink is blocked, your drains are overflowing, or toilet won’t correctly flush, we’ve got the means to fix the issue.

There are several things you can try first in order to clean a blocked drain. Try flushing hot water through the system. Alternatively, use a proper cleaning chemical to dissolve the materials that cause the blockage. However we advise you to be very careful when using such substances and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

ctpdr1If these fail to resolve the problem then it’s time to hire a professional Cape Town plumbing company. No matter where you might be based in the city or suburbs our experts are on hand to offer 24 hour plumbing solutions.

Our Drain Cleaning Method:

Our blocked drain Cape Town experts are equipped with the necessary tools and chemicals to repair your system and get water flowing again. We’ve been doing this for years and our specialists are able to quickly determine the cause of the blockage and restore your normal drainage. We clean your system without causing any undue damage and there’s not been a drain yet we haven’t unblocked! We also like to think we are one of the most affordable companies in Cape Town and we fix our schedule to serve your needs, wherever you might be located.

We have a number of proven techniques to clear your drain. With our CCTV inspection tools we can pinpoint precisely where the blockage lies. High pressure water jetting is most effective in dislodging any build up in the pipes and for flushing the waste matter out of the system. We also offer a method known as electro-magnetic cleaning, which gets rid of blockages in smaller pipes like those in toilets and sinks. A flexible rod is inserted into the pipe, with the aim of dislodging deposits or stuck objects.

blocked drain cleaning van cape townIn certain cases you might need a pipe replacing but fear not: we’ve got the skills to do the job efficiently and affordably. Should you be experiencing a blocked drain then we advise you consult with an expert rather than attempt to rectify the situation by yourself. Without the proper tools and knowledge there is always the risk of making the matter worse or damaging the pipes, which might require replacing. We therefore suggest hiring the best drain cleaning service in Cape Town.

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