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Bathroom Renovations & Kitchen Fittings in Cape Town

ctpbr1There’s a lot to think about when considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Costs and materials are just the beginning; plumbing and electricity must be taken into account; flooring materials, fixtures and appliance installations and overall layout are also important factors that will shape your decision. That’s why you should contact a reputable bathroom installation company to take care of the details and help make those important decisions for you. We welcome your suggestions and we will advise on the best options for fixtures and materials that will result in a high quality finish. We also work to your budget and at a schedule and timeframe that suits your needs. For professional and affordable kitchen & bathroom fitters in Cape Town pick up the phone and speak to one of our professional plumbing contractors.

ctpbt2How We Work

In short, we cover all aspects of renovation work. We can offer a quote for a quick enhancement of your existing bathroom, which might include new showers or toilet or a new bath installation. Or perhaps you want to weigh up your options before committing to a complete overhaul of your existing bathroom, in which case we can offer an estimate of the kind of costs this might entail. We suggest ways to utilize space efficiently and provide suggestions on how to improve your bathroom’s appearance. Our team is made up of quality plumbers and electricians who will take care of the planning side of the project and ensure your bathroom or kitchen is safe and secure.

We Offer:

Advice on layout, appliance & fixture installations

Bath installations Cape Town

Re-routing pipework for new bathrooms

Kitchen & bathroom renovations

Kitchen fittings Cape Town

All plumbing & electrical work

Under floor heating

Sink, taps, showers installations & fittings

ctpbt3You can buy the necessary components from us should you wish (and at a competitive price!). With all the latest equipment and with our eye for detail, you’ll be more than satisfied with the result. We always work to our client’s budget and where budgets might be constrained we work to get the very most out of your dollars.

We are also on hand to give your kitchens and bathrooms a thorough examination, to detect damages in sinks and pipes. It’s reasons like this that keep our clients satisfied and that have helped established us a Cape Town’s leading bathroom fitting service. Whether you need hands on help or wish to seek a consultation, we have the experience and the knowledge to help. We are also available for other installation services such as solar geyser fittings and repairs. So call now and find out more:

021 300 1977.